INGCO 12-piece Multi-Purpose Screwdriver Set - AKSDFL1208
- Set of 12 multi-purpose screwdrivers includes: 1 flexible shaft change handle; 1 nose connector: 4-6mm(25mm); 10 screwdriver bits: SL5, SL6, SL7, PH1, PH2, PH3, T10, T15, T20, T2- 48/T
- High quality CR-V steel material, high durability and good strength. Does not corrode or rust over time.
0 ₫ 0.0 VND
Set of 7 Screwdriver Magnetic Screwdrivers INGCO - HKSD0728
- 7-piece screwdriver set with magnets to hold screws, super convenient
- Newly designed handle in 2 colors, black and yellow. There is a rubber coating designed to enhance grip when used, even in water or oil environments.
- Material: High quality CR-V should be highly durable, not subject to wear and rust over time
- Include:
1pc SL3.0*3*75
1pc SL4.0*4*100
1pc SL5.5*5*100
1pc SL6.5*6*125
1pc PH0*3*75
1pc PH1*5*75
1pc PH2*6*100
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Set of 6 INGCO Insulated Screwdrivers - HKISD0608
- Material: Chrome vanadium steel. Made from high quality alloy, sturdy, highly durable and good bearing capacity. Does not corrode or rust over time.
- Specification:
+ 3 flat screws: 3x75mm - 4x100mm - 5x150mm3 and 3 bake screws: PH0x60 - PH1x80 - PH2x100
- Insulated circular tube 1000 V, 24/T
- Weight: 0.3kg
- Highly applicable in many industries such as mechanics, factories, construction, electricity, repair, manufacturing, machinery warranty...
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Stanley flat screwdriver 6.5x250mm
STMT60830-8 / Stanley
- 6.5mm flat screw, 250mm long
- The handle of the screwdriver is covered with a layer of rubber, providing a soft feeling when holding, limiting slipping.
- This screwdriver is often used to screw in/open screws... and has applications in many repair and installation industries.
- Weight: 1kg
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