TZL30 anti-smoke escape mask
TZL30/ China
- The mask covers the head and face with aluminum-coated fabric to prevent heat radiation and fire, and is equipped with a filter box for respiratory protection.
- Usage time: 30 minutes
- Objects of protection: CO gas (Carbon monoxide), HCN (hydrocyanic acid), toxic smoke and mist...
- Application: Used for emergency escape from fire areas.
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Russian ZEVS-U anti-smoke escape mask
ZEVS-U / Sorbent - Russia*
- Effective protection of toxic gases and CO produced during fires for > 30 minutes ~ 60 minutes
- ZEVS-U with hood for respiratory, eye, face and head protection, equipped to escape from contaminated areas,  generated by combustion: carbon monoxide, other toxic chemical gas vapors, aerosols The gas in the smoke, dust, and mist created by the fire.
- ZEVS-U maintains its protective properties even when subjected to temperature conditions of up to 200 degrees Celsius for 1 minute and the impact of a flame with a temperature of 800 ± 50 degrees Celsius for 5 seconds.
- Rope is a device used to help a person escape from fires in houses, hotels, hospitals, buildings and other similar objects. Single use only.
- ZEVS-U meets the requirements of the European standard EN 403: 2004.
- Directly imported goods have CO and CQ
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Korean anti-smoke escape mask EPK-20
EPK-20 / Eco Pure - Korea
- Material: high quality fireproof rubber, prevents heat radiation
- Design: full head cover, transparent viewing glass, wide escape vision >70%. Compact and lightweight, easy to use. Type 2 filters help filter smoke effectively and make breathing easier.
- Use for all subjects, both adults and children, regardless of face size.
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